Best Served Cold

bscFascinating, compelling and at times disturbing, Best Served Cold is a collection of sixteen short stories with story lines as diverse as their locations. A young girl from an affluent and loving Vancouver family shoplifts; three young men celebrate the end of the work-week with a fun night on the town; in an island off the coast of British Columbia, tensions arise between long time property owners and more recently arrived ‘boat people’, and in a small village in the south of France an English couple planning to buy property confronts unforeseen complications.

In Best Served Cold, Nick Faragher’s third book, he draws on his years working in the criminal justice system, as well as the many years spent living throughout both Europe and elsewhere. The story lines are complex, varied, often surprising, and run the gamut from brutality and immorality to romantic encounters.

Although not quite as they appear here, seven of these stories were previously published to critical acclaim in the 2008 publication ‘The Well and Other Stories’ by Thistledown Press. A further story appeared in the Bowen Island Arts Council 2013 Anthology of Bowen writers, ‘This Island, We Celebrate’.

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