Nick Faragher

Nick Faragher

Nick FaragNick Faragher, Authorher was born in Manchester, England in 1945 and lived in many places and several countries before settling in B.C. in 1993. In his earlier life, he spent several years working in parole and probation, managing offenders in every category of crime, from the least offensive to the most serious. The insights and experience gained over that period inform a good deal of his writing, most especially where criminality and immorality lie at the heart of the story. Over the years he has contributed to various media and his first book of short stories put out by Thistledown Press in 2008, was, critically, well received. Nick currently lives and writes on Bowen Island, British Columbia. – Please visit Nick’s website:


Best Served Cold (published by First Press Publishing, 2016)

It’s no big thing (published by First Press Publishing, 2015)

The Well and Other Stories (published by Thistledown Press, 2008)


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